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Contact Lenses History

The thought of placing the contact lenses on the surface of the eye had generated by Leonard Da Vinci in 1508. The idea of contact lenses with corneal has been proposed by Rene Descartes with dioptric. His theory is based on light and vision which extends the concept of corneal lenses. In 1685 the illustrations of how to send light into the retina using concave lenses helped a lot for the growth of contact lenses. These postulates were made by Philippe de la Hire. Extending the idea of Descartes, Thomas Young has became the pioneer of the creating and implementing the contact lenses for his own vision

The physiologist of german Adolf Eugen Fick, had created the first contact lens successfully in the year 1887. Extending his work the a glassblower from german, F.E.Muller, created the first glass contact lenses in 1887. In 1940, for the first time the commercial contact lenses have been sold out. But it took lot of time after that, for inventing soft contact lenses by Czech chemist Otto Wichterle in 1961. Later, for the first time the soft contact lenses had been commercialised by the additions of the Bausch & Lomb in the year 1971. The contact lenses which can be used for the overnight and extended wear have been introduced for the fisrt time after the approval of the FDA. Frequent-replacement soft lenses, soft contact lenses, first colored disposable soft contact lenses, One-day disposable contact lenses and Disposable contact lenses featuring UV filters are sold for the first time in the U.S and later extended to the countries like UK, Germany Click Here to send us the contact lenses prescription details. And you just wait for the delivery of the contact lenses you purchased through our online shopping website.

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