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Alternate Contact Lens Solutions

These days, contact lenses are more popular than glasses. Contact lenses not only enhance your looks but also your vision. Today people prefer wearing contact lenses because they are more comfortable. 

Proper care has to be taken while wearing Contact lenses. Users have to soak their lenses everyday in a contact lens solution after and before wearing them as this helps keep the lens moist and germ free. There are times when you may not be able to find a contact lens solution and urgently need to remove them. Below are a few alternative contact lens solutions but they should be used only during an emergency. 

Alternative Contact Lens Solution

Saline Solution

Saline solution is very similar to contact lens solution. It is a saltwater solution which is sold in plastic bottles or pressurized cans. The saline solution is a disinfectant solution which is safe for contact lenses as this solution is a combination of sodium with water. This solution is sterilized and stored under pressure which can clean the contact lens well. 

It is not recommended to soak your contact lenses everyday in saline solution. Do not keep the lens for long in this solution; rinse it soon as you can in a contact lens solution or a multipurpose solution. 

Salt Water

A person may get easily infected with a virus known as acanthamoeba keratitis if contact lenses are soaked in just any type of water. Adding a pinch of table salt in the water will kill bacteria and is recommended over using ordinary tap water. It is not advised to use salt water or other alternate solutions for a long period of time as this may not be safe. You have to also be careful about not reusing the solution to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Distilled Water

Any person who uses contact lenses should be very careful of what solution is being used to clean the lens. Using ordinary tap water is not advisable at all because this water carries many bacteria and viruses such as acanthamoeba keratitis. This virus is harmful to the eye and may also lead to blindness or vision loss. Though distilled water is quite safe and doesn’t carry this virus, it is still not 100% safe. If the distilled water is not sterile, it may lead to eye infection but it is better than using tap water to clean your contact lenses.   

The above are alternate contact lens solutions. It is always advisable to store your contact lenses in either a contact lens solution or a multipurpose solution. This would not only protect your eyes but also keep them clean, safe and free from bacteria and viruses. As far as possible, use recommended contact lens solutions.

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