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Causes of Bad Vision

What Causes Bad Vision?

Bad eyesight is just not the result of some mere optical problems, you should always remember that a deteriorated vision also points towards a turmoil in the internal or physiological factors as well as the external factors. The internal factors like blood circulation and nerve problems can cause serious visual problems just like internal optical problems caused by too much of reading, mental strain, working on the computer for hours without break, watching television, or stressing eyes to read in poor light, unhealthy eating habits and reading in vehicles.

Top Ten Causes of Bad Vision

The top ten causes of bad vision are:

  • Malnutrition
  • Faulty reading posture
  • Insufficient light
  • Reading against the light
  • Mental strain
  • Tension
  • Recurring cough and cold
  • Blocked sinuses
  • Stiff neck and shoulder muscles
  • Reading under strain

More Facts about Causes of Bad Vision

With the progress of technology and especially the dependence of man on the computer for each and every issue of the day to day life, it is actually hard to find out the causes of stress, eye-strain, and causes of bad vision. A vision problem may be sometimes hereditary as well, where the genes pass on the optical problem from generations to generations.

Nowadays, from a very young age itself, children seem to be infatuated by video-games which is a major cause of a bad vision. Kids and teenagers as well as adults choose to indulge themselves in a secluded corner in the dark, busy with the game. What they do not know is, they are ruining their vision in the process. They just understand it when it is too late and an irreversible damage has been made to the eyes. The eyes often become photosensitive and they can not go out into the sun without wearing contact lenses.

Many of us tend to forget that a bright glare and a contrasting poor lighting may harm our eyes a bit too much. Watching television with all the lights in the room off, or working on the computer in the dark are the most likely and common causes of bad vision. There are also small fonts displayed in the computer screen at several websites and the users can not but squint to see them. These are reasons that make your vision blurry after a considerable period of time.

Another cause of bad vision is Glaucoma, which causes permanent damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve is like the tube of a television set. The eyes see an image and then send the image to the brain via the optic nerve. A harm caused to the optic nerve may thus not only bar the brain to perceive a clear image, but sometimes the result may be as hazardous as complete blindness.

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