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Tips for Coloured Contact Lenses

Today the market is flooded with many new brands of contact lenses. Contact lenses not only improve your vision but bring an immense change to one’s personality. The latest fashion in the market is the new colored contact lenses. 

Disposable contact lenses help you to get a new look everyday by changing the color of your eyes. Colored contact lenses can bring a drastic change to your eyes by changing the eye color completely and brightening your eyes. The natural colors in contact lenses that are available are brown, blue and different shades of topaz or violet. Below are a few tips for colored contact lenses:-

Tips for Coloured Contact Lenses 

Choosing the Right Colour

If you want to retain your present eye color and are looking for a deeper look, then you can go for enhancement tints. These contacts can alter dark brown to golden, blue-grey eyes to bright blue, light green or hazel eyes. All these colors will not change the original color but give a light tint to your eyes.   

Consider hair and skin color- When you are selecting colored contact lenses, always consider the color of your hair and skin. People who have light skin, light eyes and blonde hair can pick dark green or golden brown contact lenses. People who have dark brown hair, skin and dark eyes can go for light blue color contact lenses. 

Selecting Colour Tints

If you are looking to changing the complete eye color, then go for color tints. These colors are opaque and can change the complete color of the eye. 

Importance to Skin Tone

One important tip while selecting colored contact lenses is to give importance to your skin tone. You can check with an expert if your natural hair, skin and eyes are cool or warm based. 

Go for a Test

You can visit your optometrist for a colored contact lens test. Make sure that you purchase your contact lenses from an eye care professional or from your optometrist. 

Keep Yourself Updated

You may come across different colored contact lenses. Browse about the latest ones and check with your eye care expert as they will be able to match the right color to your personality.

Go for a Trial Period

Many eye care experts usually give a short trial period to their patients to wear colored contact lenses. This helps them to know if it would suit them or not. 

All the above tips for choosing the right colored contact lenses will help you select the right one. Always consult an eye care expert before purchasing any type of coloured lenses

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