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Contact Lenses vs. Eyeglasses

Always wanted to try contact lenses? They are really an impressive alternative to glasses both from the medical and the cosmetic point of view. No matter if you need glasses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or Presbyopia, you can still use contact lenses which are a boon of the modern-day optical science.

Contact Lenses Always Have an Edge over Eyeglasses

The contact lenses vs. eyeglasses has been there as the topic of an interesting debate for so many

  • Contact lenses are also helpful in providing a wider view than glasses. With glasses, you have a problem with the peripheral vision, especially with the smaller frames which are in vogue nowadays. Contact lenses are more convenient and comfortable as they do not hamper the natural look and natural vision. If you are an athlete, switching on to contact lenses may prove all the more fruitful for you as those involved in sports or driving need to have a sound peripheral vision. Also, you do not want your glasses to ‘hop’ on your face while you are on the track. Do you?
  • Contact lenses are more efficient for a clear and crisp vision as they are placed directly on the cornea of the eye. As a result, the images do not suffer any distortion and are of the same size and shape that they should be. 
  • Contact lenses when fitted properly according to the prescription are very comfortable. 91% of contact lens users admit of having no sensation at all of wearing the contact lenses in their eyes. They are not going to cling on your nose and poke your ears like those geeky pair of glasses. What’s more, while you are opening the car door with one hand with the grocery bag in the other, your baby cannot grab it and throw it in the snow, only to be retrieved in pieces later.
  • From the point of view of style and fashion, contact lenses are the first choices of all, as, they give you an unlimited choice of sunglasses; whereas if you are wearing glasses, you have to strive a little too hard to find that boring pair of shades that fit perfectly over the glasses. If you have switched to contact lenses, you can flaunt almost all the wonderful range of generic or designer sunglasses available in the market.
  • No doubt there are lots of designer frames available, but, high minus lenses with thick edges can give your eyes a dumb beady look. With lenses, unless you want to tell people that you are wearing lenses, no one is going to know about it. You also have the option of wearing theatrical lenses to give your eyes a more dramatic look.
  • Contact Lenses are also the clear winner when it comes to being affected by the weather and body heat. Your lenses are not going to get fogged up like your glasses on a foggy day or get splattered when you are walking in the rain. Again, contact lenses do not steam up from body heat and the chances of perspiration like eyeglass lenses are ruled out when you are using contact lenses.

Eyeglasses are Still Required

The points that advocate the new age contact lenses and make them a far suitable option than the eyeglasses are no doubt enough to get anyone biased about them. However, remember, you still need a pair of an up-to-date pair of eyeglasses. They should be kept handy to wear for the times you will not be wearing your contact lenses. Remove your contact lenses at least one hour before going to sleep. Also wear the eyeglasses after removing the lenses if throughout the course of the day your eyes suddenly start to feel dry or uncomfortable.

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