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Disposable Contact Lenses: The Best in Comfort and Hygiene

Disposable Lenses: Why Choose Them?

Are you a person who religiously follows the eye doctor’s instructions of rinsing, cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses?  If the answer is no, you are better off with disposable contact lenses. Though contact lenses are a boon to modern ophthalmology, you should never ignore the fact that over the time, proteins, lipids and other substances that are present in your tear film starts building up on your contact lenses. These deposits clog the lenses which results in a decreased supply of oxygen to the cornea. The deposits on the lenses affect your vision and are detrimental for your eye health also as these deposits encourage the breeding of bacteria and other microorganisms under the warm and moist surface under the lenses causing eye-conditions like called giant papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC).

Disposable Contacts: Wear Them and Then Toss Them

Disposable contact lenses can be worn for a specified period, and then thrown away to be replaced with a fresh pair! These saves you not only a fixed cleaning and storing routine, these disposable lenses also reduces eye discomfort, eye infections and problems relating to vision to a large extent.

From single day to one month, disposable contact lenses come in so many varieties that you are sure to be spoilt for choice. However, opt for those that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Thanks to the developments in ocular science, disposable contact lenses come in extended wear range also – that is, 30 days of continuous day and night wear!

1-Day Disposable Lenses

The ultimate in disposable contact lenses, daily disposable contact lenses are the best when it comes to complete hygiene and eye care.

1-Day Disposable of Popular Choice


Lens Name Manufacturer Wear Schedule*
1-Day Acuvue Johnson and Johnson Daily Wear
Focus Dailies Ciba Vision Daily Wear
Soflens One Day Bausch & Lomb Daily Wear


1-2 Week Disposable Lenses

1-2 Week Disposable Lenses that come with the specified replacement schedule are aimed at being one week of extended wear lenses or daily wear lenses for two weeks.

1-2 Week Disposable of Popular Choice


Lens Name Manufacturer Wear Schedule*
Acuvue Johnson and Johnson Extended Wear
Acuvue 2 Johnson and Johnson Extended Wear
Focus 1-2 Week Ciba Vision Extended Wear
Freshlook Ciba Vision Extended Wear
Frequency 55 CooperVision Extended Wear
Soflens 38 Bausch & Lomb Extended Wear
Acuvue Advance Johnson and Johnson Daily Wear
Frequency 38 CooperVision Daily Wear
Soflens 59 Bausch & Lomb Daily Wear


1-Month Disposable Lenses

Given that they are the most affordable of disposable contact lenses and a forerunner when it comes to the health and hygiene of the eyes too, 1-Month Disposable Lenses are the hotcakes.

1-Month Disposable of Popular Choice


Lens Name Manufacturer Wear Schedule*
Focus Night & Day Ciba Vision Extended Wear
Focus Monthly Ciba Vision Extended Wear
Proclear Multifocal CooperVision Daily Wear
Frequency 55 Multifocal CooperVision Extended Wear


Choosing the Right Wearing Time and Replacement Schedule

When it comes to choosing the right disposable contact lenses for your eyes and determining what replacement schedule will suit you best, your eye doctor can prescribe you the one which will keep your eyes comfortable and healthy. However, if there is ever any discomfort or you experience blurry vision, take them out immediately, clean them and try outing them in again. If the problem persists, discard them and try a new pair. If even with the new lenses, the problem recurs, see your eye doctor as soon as possible.

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