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How to Alleviate Eye Fatigue

This is the high tech world of today and eye strain is a very common problem as most of us have to work long hours before the computer. However, long hours at the computer or watching the television for a very long time take a toll on eye health. Some other factors that are equally harmful to the eyes are pollutants present in the air, sun and stress that give rise to a lot of visual problems.

Eye strain is more or less normal and cannot be escaped if we are intently looking at something or concentrating. This causes our eyes muscles to get strained. The symptoms of eye strain are really painful as this does not stop at tiring the eyes only. After a while you will feel your eyesight getting blurred, headaches and dizziness, which are not at all fun. We should not forget that our eyes are invaluable to us. So, to care for the eyes the way they deserve, here are a few useful tips to alleviate eye fatigue.

  • In between the work hours, you should never forget to shut your eyes, blink, and relax for a few minutes. This is a very important way to alleviate eye fatigue by relaxing the eye muscles.
  • Roll your eyeballs clockwise and counter clockwise after closing them. Open your eyes slowly after a few seconds.
  • After every 15-30 minutes, try to change your focus. Try to look at some other direction 15-20 feet away. If you cannot get up, shift your glare and look at something other than the computer screen a little away.
  • If your eyes feel dry and fatigued, use artificial tear drops to soothe the eyes. This usually happens after long hours of reading, knitting or staring at the computer.
  • Increase the intake of high quality Omega3, 6, and 9 oils in your diet. They are considered essential ingredients for your eye health. Drink lots and lots of water daily as naturally your tears are made up of water, mucus, and fats. Increasing the consumption of water and oils can prevent your eyes from feeling dry, and thus alleviate eye fatigue.
  • Do not stay indoors or at your workplace the whole day. Take time to come out in the natural light a few times during the day.
  • Do eye exercise and eye yoga including stretches and squeezes. Do simple eye exercises like stretching your eye vision up, down and both the sideways. You can do it either with your eyes open or shut.
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