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How to Prevent Blindness - Know More About It

Blindness can be partial or complete blindness. This is a stage when you will not be able to correct it with contact lenses or eye glasses. Although this may sound disappointing to many, there you can certainly take precautions to minimize the risk of suffering from vision problems. If you take good care to protect your eyes, you can also prevent blindness. 

How to Prevent Blindness

A few instructions that can help you protect your eyes and keep them safe:-

  1. Always try and keep the sugar levels under control. High sugar level can damage the retina which is responsible for absorbing images and then sending them to the brain at the back of the eye. If the sugar level rises and goes above the safety range, it would be more prone to danger. 
  2. Go for regular eye checkups for glaucoma. If the glaucoma increases the pressure inside the eye, the retina can get severely damaged. 
  3. Always keep a check on your blood pressure as the blood vessels may burst in the eye, hence leading to blindness. 
  4. Adopt a healthy diet and regular exercise to keep you healthy. Avoid getting stressed easily as this may help you keep your blood pressure under control. 
  5. Protect your eyes from UV radiation and ionizing as this would help in preventing cataracts. Cataracts can form a cloudy film on the eyes. The lens helps the light to focus on the retina.
  6. Try and introduce bilberry supplements into your diet as it is an antioxidant which helps in removing toxins from the retina. It also helps to increase circulation around the eye area.
  7. Additionally, introduce antioxidants in your diet. Vegetables like bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants also help in removing molecule particles that are responsible for chemical degradation in the body and eyes. They also help in removing free radicals. 
  8. Do not use any eye drops without consulting your doctor as this can also lead to blindness. Always check the expiry date on the bottle or pack and consult your eye care expert.

All the above instructions should be considered as they will certainly help you prevent blindness. Our eyes are one of the most important and sensitive organs of the body. Keeping them safe is our responsibility. It’s better to take precautions than worry later and spend money on surgeries. People who have lost their vision know the value of it. 

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