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How to Take Care of Your Sunglasses

Your sunglasses are an important investment for your eyes. They are not only your protection from the sun, but one of your most fashionable accessories as well! Choose sunglasses with optimum UV protection in the shape and size that suits your face and you know you have bagged a neighbour’s envy and owner's pride! However, the care for your eyes should not end with owning those shades. You must also ensure that you take proper care of your sunglasses so that these sunny-day staples last you long through all the seasons, and not just the summer. Follow these tips to maintain your sunglasses and keep them looking brand new even after several years of wear:

  • A very important part of caring for your sunglasses is cleaning your sunglasses. For cleaning your sunglasses, rinse them with lukewarm tap water. It will wash away the specks of dirt and dust on your sunglass lenses. Thus, any chance of scratches will be ruled out.
  • While washing, put some handwash/ dishwashing liquid between your thumb and forefinger and then gently wash your sunglass by rubbing all parts of the frame with your fingers. This way, you can cleanse your lens off the skin oils that tend to damage its finish. After washing the sunglasses, dry them with a clean, lint-free cotton towel. If there is any need of cleaning your sunglasses and there is no soap and water available, you can do the cleaning with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth.
  • A protective case is very important to store your sunglasses when you are not using them. With sheer negligence, people often leave their eyewear here and there which increases the chance of causing injury to them as they can be sat on, stepped on, or get damaged or distorted while you casually toss it in your purse.
  • It is strictly advisable not to ever leave your sunglasses on the dashboard of your car as the intense heat tends to damage the lens coatings and/or frame hardware.
  • Though it is a popular trend, do not use your sunglasses as a headband. It not only causes scratches to your sunglasses, but the sunglasses also lose their shape and fit in the process.
  • Cleaning the nose pads of the sunglasses is as important as cleaning the lenses of the sunglasses. If your shades are not polarized, you can dunk them in water for half an hour. After that, you can use a toothbrush to clean the dirt and grime off.
  • Never use water, especially salt water on your polarized shades. The salt water seeps between the layers of plastic and cause irreparable damage to the lenses. If you spend a day at the beach with them on, dry them immediately. If you have got salt water on them, rinse the sunglasses with fresh water.
  •  Inspect your sunglasses frequently for any loose screws, or any small sign of wear or tear. For example, if you find your hinge screw loose, do not wait until the whole thing comes off. Visit your optician to get it tightened immediately. You can also buy a small screw-driver to fix it at home yourself.
  • Also check frequently if the alignment of the sunglasses is adjusted to each other. If they do not seem perfectly aligned, ask your optician for a frame adjustment.

Almost all us spend a fortune on our designer sunglasses, and to get your money's worth out of them, it is very necessary to take enough care of them. And even if you have not splurged a lot on them, it is not a good excuse to ignore them as it is always very hard to find the pair that suits you best!

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