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Know More About Eye Colour Change Surgery

Who wouldn’t want to have an enchanting pair of blue, green, brown or hazel colored eyes? Nowadays, it has become possible to change our eye color with the help of coloured contact lenses. Anyone can get the desired color and look simply stunning.  The only hassle that one may face is changing the lenses which can be quite inconvenient. 

Now, the solution to the hassle of changing coloured contact lenses is eye color change surgery. There are a few forms of surgery that help in changing the color of the eye. There is a permanent one too but a few things need to be remembered before undergoing the surgery. 

Know More About Eye Colour Change Surgery

Before you get an eye color change surgery, make sure which color you want to change it to. Make sure you check with your eye care expert and ask for suggestions as this would be of great help. Your eye care expert will be able to guide you well as well as suggest the best color that would suit your skin tone, hair and complexion.

A few things that you need to remember before the surgery are:-

  • Ask your eye care expert about the procedure so that you are aware of every step and are confident about it. 
  • You should never hesitate in asking questions so that you can get over your fear and all your doubts cleared before the surgery. 
  • You should also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the eye color change surgery especially for people who are suffering from coloboma and albinism. 
  • Do check all the best clinics in town as all may not have the eye color change surgery option.
  • The eye color change surgery has certain requirements and qualifications that are important for a person to remember. These can help him benefit the most from the operation. 

NewColorIris- An Eye Colour Change Surgery 

The NewColorIris is an implant that would improve the ocular appearance of the patient suffering from coloboma, ocular albinism, traumatic irides and iris heterochromia. The NewColorIris is especially for patients suffering from the above eye problems and who wish to change their eye color.

The NewColorIris is a delicate diaphragm that covers the natural iris. The patient is given topical anesthesia before the surgery. The implant takes a few minutes and the surgery is painless.

Usually an eye color change surgery is not recommended. Any kind of cosmetic surgery may cause more harm than benefits. In the long term, the surgery can also lead to serious complications though it might be successful initially. Therefore, know and understand the type of eye color change surgery you will undergo.

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