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The Right Eye Cream: Take Away the Years from Under Your Eyes

For Younger Looking Eyes

A good eye cream for the wrinkles under your eyes should be an essential part of your skincare routine. Well, this is not just for removal of the fine lines that are already there, but also to prevent wrinkles even before they become noticeable.

The right eye cream can help you to not only prevent wrinkles but also take care of other symptoms like eye-bags, dark circles and keep the eye area moisturized. The creams which are available in different formulas provide versatile treatment to wrinkles. They are to be applied according to the directions for use that come with the eye cream. Remember, you should ensure proper application for reaping effective results. You should also take additional care for the skin, like putting on sunglasses whenever you step out in the sun.

The area around your eyes has the most delicate skin and naturally, it is the look of and around the eyes that mirror the telltale signs of aging first. Women characteristically find the signs of aging to arrive very fast as they apply make-up often. The wrinkles are sometimes the result of excessive rubbing or pulling of the skin around the eyes for applying eye make-up.

Why Use It?

A right eye cream can moisturize the area around your eyes to reduce the wrinkles visibly which occurs due to many reasons, including excessive dryness of the skin. The dry skin in turn makes the skin vulnerable to environmental irritation which is how dark circles develop. Use the right eye cream to pamper your skin which is delicate, and prevent dark circles and dryness of the skin.

There are different types of eye cream -- anti-wrinkle cream, cream to reduce the fine lines around the area and eye creams that reduce puffiness, eye-bags and dark circles, and creams that serve all the purpose in one!

What to Look For?

Before picking up an eye cream, always read about the ingredients in the cream and what it is going to do for your skin.

General ingredients in the eye cream are mostly alcohol (which is a skin-tightening agent). Other effective components that serve the purpose are caffeine, retinol, copper, alpha hydroxyl acids and vitamin C. If the dark circles around your eyes are intriguing most, look for vitamin K, hydroquinone and kojic acid in your eye cream. Hydroquinone and kojic acid are effective skin lightening agents and have a mild bleaching action to reduce the dark circles. Also, they help in fighting age spots. If your eye cream has ingredients like Vitamin A and E, all the better, as they are essential nutrients for a healthy, soft and supple skin.

The new age inventions in anti-wrinkle eye creams contain magical ingredients like Halyoxl and Eyeliss. These potent ingredients have the best capacity for working against the problems in the skin around the eyes. Read on to know how:


Halyoxl is known to strengthen the blood circulatory system around your eyes by prevention of any leakage of haemoglobin in the adjacent tissues. The deposit of the haemoglobin is what causes the crimson blue effect (dark circles) under the eyes. The components of Halyoxl stop the deposit of the haemoglobin cells and also clear the existing dark circles to a great extent for brighter eyes!


Got tired of the stale and aged eyebags under your eyes? The patented peptide in Eyeliss increases the functioning of the fluid circulatory system around your eyes and prevents the capillaries carrying the fluids to weaken any further. As the leakage of the fluids is the primary cause of the baggy or puffy eyes, once it is stopped, the peptide works on the existing under eye bags and takes care to clear them off!

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