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Special Effect and Coloured Contacts: Get That Edge Over Others

Ever seen a movie about vampires and monsters with scary and oddly colored eyes? Well, these special effect contact lenses are the contact lenses in action. They are not primarily used to correct the eyesight, but to bring about a special effect in the whole persona. Available in wide variety of colors, special effect and coloured contact lenses help you get that edge over others and turn heads!

Styles of Special Effect and Coloured Lenses

There are so many styles of special effect and colored contact lenses available in the market that you will be spoilt for choice. There is hardly any look that you want and you won’t get when it comes to the wide range of special effect and colored contact lenses. Some people simply like to play with the color of their eyes. If such is the case, coloured contact lenses that are available from green to blue to brown or even purple can give you the desired look you want! Light eyes have an upper hand when it comes to changing colors with colored contact lenses. Though dark eyes have limited options, black, dark green, dark blue or purple also render an almost-natural look to the eyes.

Special effect contact lenses which are one of the essential accessories on special occasions like a Halloween party bash or a themed costume party are available from scary cat eyes to hellish red eyes. If you look for benign designs like a cute smiley face or the national flag of your country, even they are available in special effect contacts as well! The designs vary from company to company, but as you surf through the catalogs, get sure be taken by surprise with the many exclusive designs!

Special Effects and Coloured Contact Lenses: Why Use Them

Special effect and coloured contact lenses give you the edge of pepping up your look the way you want to. If you are not very fond of the eye color you were born with, with these colored contact lenses you can change it to the way you always wanted to be.

It is also an apt reflection of who you really are inside. If you are fascinated by sci-fi characters or are a die-hard fan of Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, sport the vampire-eye look to surprise your friends. If you are in love with technology, get the world to know it with circuit board eyes.

Should You Use Contact Lenses for Effect?

Remember, regular special effect contact lenses are not prescription contact lenses. So, it is always suggested that you should have a talk with your eye care practitioner before trying special effects contact lenses. They have a long list of dos and don’ts attached to them which you should strictly adhere to. Special effect contact lenses are usually meant for two to three hour durations. Wearing them beyond those hours may cause severe eye strain, and sometimes even damage the corneal surface.

If you are using contact lenses, there are possibilities that you may get coloured or special effect lenses as prescriptions to replace your regular contact lenses.

So, if you are in the mood of changing your look and show the world your true colors, nothing can get better than colored and special effect contact lenses.

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