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Tips for Maintaining Good Eyesight

Why to Follow the Tips for Maintaining Good Eyesight

The lenses in our eyes lose their flexibility as we age. This decreases the efficiency of the ocular muscles and the ability of the lens to adjust accordingly to focus perfectly. Our eyesight is considerably decreased as we reach our midlife. That’s why most of the people after their thirties are seen holding reading materials near or far from their eyes and squinting as they try to read them. The tips for maintaining good eyesight are listed here for those people who either do not know how to take care of their eyes or are too ignorant to do it.

However, with a little care and following a few tips for maintaining good eyesight, a sound health is not that difficult to maintain. Though there is nothing you can do to stop the biological aging of your eyes, but you can take proper care of your eyes and reduce the visual stress so that you can have healthier eyes for a longer period of time. The earlier in life you start taking care of your eyes, the better is it for your eyes, as a little extra pampering can keep your eyes young forever.

Few Tips for Maintaining Good Eyesight

Regular Check-ups

Well, some people only rush to a doctor only when they contract a disease which is a really bad practice. You should always remember that you should visit your optometrist at regular intervals to get your eyes checked. If you already are at risk, or have power in either or both of your eyes, it is always essential to consult your eye care expert regularly to detect if there are any irregularities. Visual problems or diseases when detected early can be treated before they pose to be a threat to the eyes and spread to other cells.


Always know the nutritional values of the food you are consuming. Buck up on foods that have lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin A and beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and essential fatty acids like DHA and omega-3 fatty acids as they are known to affect your eye health in numerous ways.

Exercise and Yoga

There are some easy yet beneficial eye exercises and yogas that help in improving the health of the eyes by increasing the overall blood circulation to the eyes, increasing the flexibility of the eye muscles and thus, improving the eyes.

Also, you should exercise your whole body daily to cut down the possibilities of cholesterol and hypertension which also affects the visual acuity of an inpidual by damaging the blood vessels and inducing glaucoma.

Time-out for Complete Relaxation

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Throughout the course of the day, the eyes have to send a lot of visual information to the brain. So, no matter whether you are a student or an office-goer, you should always take some time out of the busy schedule to de-stress completely. Invest in an eye-mask. It is nice to relax while putting them on as your eyes will feel totally rejuvenated.


Safety of your eyes should be your primary concern especially if your job demands you dealing with harsh chemicals, woodwork, or motorized equipment. It is always safe to wear safety goggles or other protective gears when your eyes are exposed to high-risk works or sports like baseball, hockey, and rugby. Also, wear swim-goggles when you swim so that the chlorinated or contaminated water does not enter into your eyes and dry them or cause any infection. 


Develop healthy habits like wearing sunglasses and wide brimmed hat when stepping out in the sun. Also, while you are reading or watching television, do so in a well-lit room, so that the glare from the monitor/screen does not strain your eyes.

Smoking is also known to release toxins that are harmful for the minute blood-vessels in the eyes. If possible get rid of the habit of smoking for the sake of your eyes.

Handle Contacts and Glasses Carefully

If you are a glasses/contact lens user, you should take care of your eyes all the more religiously. Disinfect and cleanse your lenses and store them hygienically in contact lenses case every time you take them out. Ignorance on your part can result in scratches or corneal ulcers. Before putting in or taking out your lenses, always wash your hands with a mild antiseptic soap.

As for your eyeglasses, clean them with a muslin cloth so that there are not even the minutest scratches on the surface of the lenses. Also, store them in their respective cases when you are not using them.

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