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Warning Signs of Age-related Eye Problems

When it comes to taking care of our eyes, many of us ignore the warning signs. It is always good to be aware of a few warning signs which can later protect our eyes from any harm.

There is no particular age for eye problems to occur, it can happen to anyone at any age. Unfortunately, eye problem occurs more with age of a person and the risk of losing sight is more.

Below are a few common eye problems and warning signs:

Warning Signs of Age-related Eye Problems

  • Sensation of a Dark Film Across your Vision of Sight- This is generally caused when the retina gets detached from the underlying layer of blood vessels. In such a condition, the retina has to immediately get attached or else it may result in permanent blindness.
  • Floaters and Spots in The Vision of Sight- This is an age related eye problem which occurs due to a benign known as vitreous detachment. When the eye gel gets detached from the retina, spots and floaters appear. Consult your optometrist immediately, if you experience this.
  • Sudden Redness, Eye Pain, Vomiting and Nausea- These warnings direct towards a serious problem of narrow-angle glaucoma which permanently damages the optic nerve of the eye. An immediate check up is required to prevent blindness.
  • A Sudden or Gradual Narrowing of Vision, which Leaves you to see only in Front- These warning signs are the development of glaucoma which destroys the optic nerve and leads to blindness. This condition if not corrected may lead to permanent loss of vision.
  • Irritated Sensation or “Scratchy” Eye Surface, Tearing- These warning signs are of dry eye syndrome. The symptoms get worse when a person grows older as the body doesn’t produce many tears. Get your eyes checked of you see these warning signs.
  • Double Images or “Ghost” Images- There can be many caused for these eye conditions.  In older people, double images can give warning signs of an underlying health condition like a stroke. If you experience anything like this, go for an immediate check up.
  • Blurry Vision in One Eye- People who are 60 years or more have chances of developing a macular hole in the retina, this is the area which is responsible for a sharp focus. Over a period of time, macular holes can become serious and lead to permanent blindness. Visiting your eye care expert is very important.
  • Gradual Loss of Central Vision Resulting in Distortions like Wavy Lines Instead of Straight Lines- These signs are a result of macular degeneration. It is one of the main causes of blindness in older people. An immediate treatment is required or else it may lead to blindness.   
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