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Wash Eyes with Water

Splash Water on Your Eyes to Soothe Them

No doubt eyes are one of the most important parts of our body as without eyes, we would never be able to explore the beautiful world around us. We should take it religiously upon ourselves to care for our eyes and maintain a healthy eyecare regime for those sparkling and healthy eyes.

Clean water is one of the most important and integral parts of your eyecare regime as it does not pose any threat against the eyes or your eyesight. Splashing water on the eyes on the other hand is very necessary to soothe the eyes and cleanse the eyes of dirt and other protein debris that builds up in the eyes throughout the course of the day.

Cold Water will do, But Warm Water is Better

Well, splashing cold water on your eyes is nice, but use lukewarm water as it has more energy. If you want a scientific explanation, the reason is the water molecules in warm water are in a faster motion than water at normal room temperature. Thus when they come into contact with things, the molecules hit harder. So, if you splash warm water on your face, it is all the more beneficial to your eyes and skin as it will knock loose the oily particles. Also, if you are using warm water, it is beneficial to stimulate the glands within the eye lids. The viscous oils that they produce are essential for the eyes.

However, you should be careful not to use very hot water as it is likely to scald your eyes. Do not use very cold water either as it may only shock your eye cells.

Wash Eyes with Water Immediately if Some Particle Gets Inside

If a foreign particle like dust or an insect gets into your eyes, your eyes will get red and teary as the optical system will try to flush out the foreign particle automatically from the body. However, you should also help your eyes in getting the particle out. Remember, plain and clean water is the best option available among eyewashes.

Clean your hands before you wash eyes with water. If mere splashing does not help, there are few more water tricks:

  • Fill a wide-mouthed bowl which is large enough for you to immerse your whole face. Fill it up to the brim. Immerse your entire face in the water holding your breath and after that, blink your eyes and roll your eyeballs, clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • You can also fill an eye-socket with lukewarm water. Put the water-filled cup/socket on your eyes by tilting your head downward and then moving it upward. Now blink your eyes a few times and, keeping your eyes in the water, roll your eyes in a circular motion. 
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