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How to Wear Contact Lenses

In order to get the best out of your contact lenses, you should wear them properly. Here are some tips for wearing contact lenses correctly.

Inside-out Contact Lenses

This is a common mistake which new users are likely to make. Correct positioning can be done by the "cup test". In this procedure, the contact lens is pressed on to the fingertip to form a cup. In profile, if the curvature is even, then that is the right way up. If it flares outwards, then it is inside-out.

The following steps will ensure that you wear your contact lenses properly:

  • Keep all the stuff that you are going to need in a convenient place. Keep a mirror handy, running water and soap.
  • Stand in front the mirror.
  • Place the lens for the right eye on the tip of the left pointer finger with the concave part of the lens facing upwards.
  • Add a drop of saline solution in the concavity of the lens.
  • Lift the upper eyelid with the right pointer finger until the iris (the colored disc of the eye) is exposed showing just a margin of the upper white part.
  • Raise the left finger slowly and move it towards the right eye.
  • While moving the contact lens towards the eye, look into the mirror. When the contact lens is near the eye, look at it.
  • Without blinking, place the contact lens on to the centre of the iris.
  • Now remove your finger gently.
  • Repeat the whole process by placing the left contact lens on the tip of the right finger and so on.


  • The lens becomes flat before wearing: There may be too much wetness. This may be remedied by blotting the finger and shaking the lens.
  • Discomfort after insertion: This may be due to contaminants between the lens and the surface of the eye. Try gently sliding the lens on the surface of the eye. If discomfort persists then remove, rinse and replace the lens.
  • Your contact lens becomes dry: This can happen if the lens is left outside the solution for a period of time. The lens may not be damaged. Soak it in saline solution for about 4 hours and then try wearing it.
  • Your eyes are uncomfortable after long hours of wearing contact lenses: Remove the lenses, rinse and refit. If your eyes are still uncomfortable, do not wear your contacts for the rest of the day.
  • Your have redness and irritation in the eyes: Make sure that you are disinfecting properly at all stages. Contact lenses rely on the surface tension caused by tears. If your eyes do not produce adequate tears, the resultant dryness could cause friction and thereby irritation. As there could be several reasons for this, consult your optometrist immediately.

In all the above cases, if the problem persists (except the problem of a flat lens), contact your optometrist as soon as possible.

These tips should ensure that wearing of contact lenses remains a comfortable experience.

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