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New Technology: What are Hybrid Contact Lenses?

The soft contact lenses conform to the shape of the eyes of the user and are also made up of plastic-like gel, so that the eyes can breathe easily. That's the reason why the eyes don't look fatigued though you might have been wearing your lenses the whole day long. On the other hand, the gas permeable contact lenses are rigid and a bit smaller in size than the soft lenses.

The Hybrid contact lenses have adopted in them the best of both the worlds!

A hybrid contact lens is made up with a gas permeable center that is surrounded by a soft outer ring. Technology has blended together the visual acuity of the rigid gas permeable lenses and the comfort of the soft contact lenses. The soft outer skirt of the hybrid contact lenses not only provides the users a good fit, but also it aids in the corrective vision.

On the other hand, the gas permeable centre allows the cornea to breathe, and your eyes are not left looking fatigued at the end of the day.

Hybrid Contact Lenses are specifically prescribed to patients of:

  • Keratoconus (a cornea that is cone-shaped rather than round)
  • Presbyopia (age-related blurring of the vision)
  • Astigmatism (a visual defect caused by an abnormally curved cornea)
  • LASIK surgery who need corrective glasses after the surgery.

The most amazing feature of this lens is, it can be a multi-focal lens, that is, the light is directed through two areas of focus, - for distance vision, and for close work.

Hybrid Contact Lenses have created a splash in the lens world.

However, these lenses need to be maintained like soft lenses carefully. They should be cleaned hygienically with the solution and cleaned daily. It is always advised to follow the directions prescribed by your eye care provider.

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