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Air Optix Aqua

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Air Optix for Astigmatism

Price from: £16.99

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Air Optix Multifocal

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Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses

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Air Optix Contact Lenses Information

Ciba Vision is the brains behind Air Optix contact lenses. One of the most popular lenses in the UK, they are renowned for their affordability, quality and comfort. Ciba Vision are pioneers in the field of optics, so you can be sure of a high quality product that performs well and provides a natural fit and feeling from the moment of application to removal.


Air Optix lens types

Air Optix contact lenses are made for a variety of wearers with a number of different vision problems. They’re available in a wide range of powers. For example, Air Optix Aqua lenses come in powers from -10.00 to +6.00. Choose between standard contact lenses and specialised lenses for those with astigmatism and presbyopia.

Daily, monthly and extended wear lenses are available.



If you want a contact lens that’s lightweight yet durable, Air Optix is an excellent choice. Ciba Vision’s patented TriComfort Technology supplies consistent vision quality, excellent breathability and outstanding protection against protein and deposit build-up.

Air Optix contact lenses are particularly good for those with dry eyes in need of a lens that stays moist from morning right through to bedtime. Ciba Vision uses materials such as Lotrafilcon A, which allows up to five times more oxygen than usual to permeate the lens. Eyes are oxygenated constantly, which enables them to stay naturally moist at all times. No dryness, itchiness or blurred vision. These lenses stay in position and are designed to provide sharp vision for at least 12 hours of continuous wear.

A light visibility tint makes Air Optix lenses easy to see, both in and out of solution.

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