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Bifocal Progressive Multifocal Contact Lenses Information

Lenses designed for those affected by presbyopia, bifocal multifocal progressive contact lenses provide good focus on objects at all distances both near and far. Thanks to recent advances in optical technology, this type of lens enables the viewer to experience uninterrupted visual acuity at all times. No more blurriness when swapping between reading fine print up close and signs in the distance.

Bifocal multifocal progressive lenses are made all of the leading optical health manufacturers, including Alcon, and Bausch & Lomb, CopperVision and Johnson and Johnson.

They are synonymous with quality and are designed especially for older eyes, which are often prone to dryness and irritation. So, in addition to impeccable visual acuity at objects up close, mid-distance and far away, you get a lens which supports eye health too. Bifocal multifocal progressives tend to have a higher water content than standard lenses, which means better breathability and higher resistance to protein and deposit build-up. More oxygen can pass through to the cornea, keeping eyes feeling moist and clear all day.

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