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Contact Lenses by Post

The Contact lenses by post scheme is aimed at making your life easier as with just one single payment you are getting the monthly supplies of your contact lenses and that too with fantastic offers! With Lensite.co.uk, the process is easy and reliable too. You have to just order online with the details of your prescription, and we will take care that you get the freshest possible lenses at your doorstep! Lensite.co.uk really cares for your eyes and we guarantee you that you will get wonderful offers on contact lenses by post and lenses just like the ones you could have bought personally from your optician.

There is a lot of convenience when you choose to buy yosur contact lenses by post. Be it special effects contact lenses or corrective lenses, you can buy any type of contact lenses by post. What's more, now you can get even UV blocking contact lenses by post that can reduce the damage caused to the eyes by the harmful rays of the sun.

Mostly people who use disposable contact lenses find it convenient to order bulk contact lenses by post. Sellers who send contact lenses by post even have subscription plans where lenses are automatically sent to the recipient at regular time-intervals -- bi-weekly, monthly, or other regular intervals. The cost of the lenses that are automatically shipped at specified time intervals are deducted from a bank account or credit card number registered with the seller.

Contact lenses by post also come with other offers like lens care products, artificial tears, rebates on eyeglasses which every contact lens user should have a backup. The most important thing however is, you never have to bear the disappointment of walking into an optical store for buying contact lenses and being told that they are not in stock currently.

You can order two types of contact lenses by post - soft lenses and gas permeable lenses. In details, the contact lenses that you can get by post and their replacement schedules are as follows:

  • Continuous Wear: Monthly/Daily
  • Disposable: Daily (one use)
  • Disposable for Daytime Wear: Two weeks
  • Disposable for Overnight Wear: One week
  • Gas Permeable: Yearly or longer
  • Daily Wear (long term): Monthly or longer

Contact lenses by post are available as special effect cosmetic contact lenses too. These contact lenses are generally ordered by post during Halloween or during costume events.

However, whatever you buy, prescription contact lenses or costume contact lenses, try to get them through a reputed seller only when you are buying contact lenses by post. If you fall prey to cheap and not up to the quality contact lenses, they can cost you much more in the long run and can even cost you your sight. When you have decided that you are going to buy your contact lenses by post, do some market research with a number of suppliers and ensure that they deliver fast and their brands are reliable.

Remember when you are buying contact lenses by post, you should never compromise with quality, safety and hygiene. If you know how precious your eyes are and it is your foremost responsibility to take care of your eyes and lenses, ordering contact lenses by post is an excellent idea for you. It can save you a lot of money each year when compared to buying them over the counter from your own high street optician.

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