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Cookies Information

In order to shop with www.lensite.co.uk cookies need to be enabled. Clicking on a link in your website browser might reveal that the cookies are disabled. Please select the link which is related to your browser and click on it for further details.


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Define a Cookie

Servers are data storing computers that stores websites. Our servers transfer a small amount of data, also known as a cookie, temporarily to your computer whenever you visit our website. A cookie helps web browsers to remember the links of the websites that you have visited. In other words these cookies are a temporary store house of your shopping cart when you shop for sunglasses with us. If you wish to shop with us through our website then you have to enable cookies on your browser.

Your browser’s memory is responsible for storing cookies. Each cookie contains the server’s address from where the cookie was sent. In addition, it also determines the time period for which this cookie will stay in the memory of your browser, and a value is allotted to it. This value is a unique number that is generated randomly.

Is it possible to disable cookies?

By altering your computer settings, you can either disable the cookies or store them only through your consent.

Some of the browsers will allow you to block only the third party cookies (cookie placed by a third party such as an advertising network). Alternately you can set it to block such cookies that violate your privacy preferences.

It is possible to disable all the cookies. But this will affect your browsing experience especially those services that depend on cookies.

Cookies used on our website

Listed below are the cookies used on our website.

Strictly necessary cookies

These are cookies that enable services you have asked for. Cookies that are marked as strictly necessary do not require further consent.

These types of cookies are a must to be able to navigate through the website and utilize its features like accessing secure parts of the website. Without these cookies, your shopping carts or e-billing cannot be processed.

Performance cookies

This type of cookies gathers the anonymous information present on the pages browsed by you. By using our website, you provide consent to place these cookies on your computer.

Performance cookies gather information on the details of usage by the visitor. For example, the pages most often browsed by the visitor and any error messages sent to them from web pages are also recorded. However, they do not collect information which identifies the visitor. The information collected by these are anonymous and only used to improve the working of our website.

Functionality cookies

This type of cookies keeps the choices made by you in their memory in order to improve your browsing experience. By using our website, you provide consent to place these cookies on your computer.

Functionality cookies permit our website to memorize the choices made by you (viz. user name, location or language) and provide more personalized and enhanced features. They also memorize details such as changes made to size, fonts and other text related customizations you may make. They also remember the services you have subscribed to say, video or blog comments etc. This information gathered by the cookies can be made anonymous so that your activities on other websites are not tracked

Advertising or Targeting cookies

This type of cookies collect information related to your browsing habits to make the advertising relevant to your interests.

The advertising cookies not only deliver advertisements more relevant to you, but also help in measuring the effectiveness of such a campaign. Advertising networks place these cookies on the site with our permission. These cookies memorize the website visited by you and pass on this information to other advertisers. Very often these cookies are linked to the site functionality that has been made available by other organizations.


When visiting another website, you might come across an advertisement related to your previous searches. Such a technique is commonly called Contextual Targeting or Behavioral Targeting in marketing jargon. The information about your shopping habits is acquired from cookies on your browser. This is not to be mistaken for storing or transferring personal information. Cookies are meant to store only web site details. You can turn these third party cookies off in some of the browsers. You can also customize the privacy levels and also look at the cookies stored, by looking into the Internet settings of your computer. You can choose between allow, block or prompt messages options for such cookies.

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