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Frequency 55 Aspheric

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Frequency 55 Contact Lenses

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Frequency XCEL Toric

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Frequency Contact Lenses Information

Made by trusted brand CooperVision, Frequency contact lenses are synonymous with sophisticated technology, durability and breathability. Patented technology and custom engineered design make Frequency lenses amongst the best available in the UK right now. If you want HD-quality vision, a superior fit and all-day comfort, this is an excellent place to start.


Frequency lens types

The Frequency contact lens family features lenses to suit the needs of all wearers, young and older. There are standard lenses for young wearers with busy lifestyles, aspheric lenses to correct astigmatism, torics and extended range contact lenses for those with presbyopia.

Choose between daily disposables, monthlies and extended wear contact lenses in powers from -8.00 to +6.00.



Many contact lenses offer crisp, clear vision but Frequency products actually live up to the promise and deliver it all day long. It’s all thanks to CooperVision’s patented Enhanced Resolution technology. As the name suggests, this provides the wearer with image quality that’s superior to that supplied by standard contact lenses.

A high water content coupled with soft and permeable materials allows oxygen to filter through the lens to the eye with minimal obstruction. This makes Frequency contact lenses highly breathable and particularly good for those with dry eyes. As eyes are constantly oxygenated, they stay naturally moist with each blink.

The materials used to make Frequency lenses are also highly effective at resisting protein and deposit build-up, which means freedom from gritty eyes and blurred vision. In addition, a super-thin design makes each lens comfortable without sacrificing durability.

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