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Proclear Contact Lenses Information

Proclear contact lenses live up to their name. Designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s wearers, they provide sharp focus in a range of environments and exceptional comfort. They’re particularly suited to those who sit in front of computer screens all day in air conditioned environments.


Proclear lens types

The Proclear contact lens family is larger than usual. Most families only contain four or five lens types. There are eight Proclear lenses available, with more on the way. Choose between daily disposables engineered for younger users with busy lifestyles, multifocal and multifocal torics, and extended range lenses for older users with presbyopia.

Dailies, monthlies and extended range Proclear contact lenses are available in a wide range of powers to suit the long and short sighted.



Produced by optical technology gurus CooperVision, Proclear lenses are packed with sophisticated design features. Perhaps most importantly, they’re made from biocompatible materials found in human eye cells. This is a major benefit regardless of which vision problem you suffer from. Such materials provide an exceptionally natural lens-wearing experience and a great fit as they work in harmony with the eye, replicating the effects of actual human tears.

Biocompatible materials such as Omafilcon A are used to make highly wettable lenses that attract and lock in moisture, which means eyes stay hydrated on a continuous basis. No more dryness, grittiness, slipping or blurriness!

Custom engineered to be light but durable, Proclear contact lenses are easy to see, handle and apply and provide excellent value for money.

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