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  Fitting FittingFitting generally represents the Base Curve and Diameter of the lens in mm.  Typical values range from 8.00 to 10.00 for Base curve and 13.00 to 14.5 for Diameter Power PowerOften called 'sphere' or 'strength. Measured in diopters and always preceded by - (minus) or + (plus). Negative (-) powers are prescribed to help correct short sighted conditions. Positive (+) powers help to correct a long sighted condition Addition AdditionAlso referred to as "reading" or "near" addition, this is the correction required for reading or close-up work. The figure is normally the same for both eyes and represented as a plus figure. Addition tends to be added to Bifocal or Multifocal prescriptions in order to accommodate all ranges of focus and correct Presbyopia.Dominant DominantEye Dominance (also known as Ocular Domincance) is when one eye tends to be the preferred eye to see through than the other (similar to being right handed or left handed!)
Eye Dominance is determined when you line up an object in the distance with one eye (e.g. when you point a finger at an object)
"D" in multifocal lenses represents the eye that is more focused to see things in the Distance/at far.
"N" in multifocal lenses represents the eye that is more focused to see things at Near/Close up.
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Product Description of Proclear Multifocal

Proclear Multifocal monthly disposable contact lenses provide excellent quality of vision at all distances and have a high water content, which keeps eyes moist all day.

Two different lenses work in harmony to correct two common conditions that affect aging eyes: presbyopia and dryness. Wearers enjoy freedom from blurriness and experience crisp, clear vision for over 12 hours a day - whether looking at a road sign far away, or reading a book up close. They meet the numerous demands of modern life and are recommended for those who find they’ve started to struggle with monovision glasses or lenses.

Proclear Multifocal lenses combat uncomfortable eye dryness with CooperVision’s patented PC technology. The silicone hydrogel material from which these monthly disposables are made is porous and allows higher levels of oxygen than is usual to permeate through the lens to the eye. Better breathability and constant hydration means eyes stay fresh, bright and free from irritation.

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Manufacturer: CooperVision

Category: Monthly Disposables

Material: 38% Omfilcon A

Water Content: 62%

Wear Frequency: Monthly Disposable

Lens Diameter: 14.4mm

Base Curves: 8.7mm

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