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Purevision 2 HD Contact Lenses

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Purevision Toric

Price from: £19.88

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Pure Vision

Price from: £12.00

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Purevision Multifocal

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Purevision Contact Lenses Information

Purevision contact lenses do exactly what the name suggests; provide consistent clear focus from the moment you apply them. When it comes to supply HD-quality vision, these lenses lead the pack. Manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, they feature cutting-edge technology and highly permeable materials that supply excellent breathability. These lenses are ideal for the modern wearer who doesn’t want to compromise in any area. Although ever so slightly more expensive than some brands, Purevision lenses prove that you get what you pay for.


Purevision contact lens types

Choose between daily, monthly, bi-weekly and extended wear lenses in powers ranging from +6.00 to -12.00. There are hard-working lenses to suit younger wearers with hectic schedules, torics, lenses that correct astigmatism and multifocals for older wearers that provide excellent clarity of vision at all distances.



Purevision contact lenses boast a range of sophisticated design features, combined with Bausch & Lomb’s patented technology. Their HD lenses feature smart anti-glare technology, which is ideal for wearers who spend long periods driving or sat in front of computer screens.

All Purevision lenses feature Bausch & Lomb’s ComfortMoist technology. This allows them to be worn for long periods without a reduction in vision quality or comfort. Wettable silicone hydrogel materials are used, which let high levels of oxygen pass through to the eye. This means better breathability, constant hydration and freedom from dryness and irritation. Silicone hydrogel is also very good at preventing protein and deposit build-up, a common problem that can result in discomfort and eye infection.

Application of Purevision contact lenses is quick and painless thanks to a light blue tint and a solution that contains moisture-rich agents.

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